Welcome to Sean O'Shea's
Spiritual People Skills

Nice Things We've Heard:

"Sean O’Shea has the heart of a pastor.  He can move some keys, notes and words through his being to uplift all souls... gifted, called and on purpose."

--Rev. Martha Creek  - Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

"It is in Divine order!" 

-- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - Inspirational Speaker, Author and Television Personality 

"I am awed and amazed by their great talents as communicators, performers, creators of fine musical art in the highest degree, and spiritual facilitators. I am honored and blessed to work with them."
-- Tony Marvelli - Bassist and Musical Arranger for Mark Schultz, Point of Grace, and Denver and the Mile High Orchestra 

"Good singing!"  

-- David Foster - Grammy-award-winning producer, composer and performer. 

"If you have never heard Sean perform, speak, sing, play the keys....well quite frankly....you are missing out!  He is an enchanting combination of wit and wisdom, laughter and light-heartedness, deep spiritual truths and just plain ole' horse sense!  You must experience this amazing man to truly understand my words.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with him during times of celebration and times of contemplation; and the skills he brings to each and every experience are quite magical." 

--Rev. Denise Yeargin - Unity of Music City

"I like what you say and how you say it!"  

-- Jana Stanfield - Inspirational Singer-Songwriter and Keynote Speaker

"Sean O'Shea is an amazing presence. He has a gift for not only music, but in his speaking style, humor and inspiring energy. The congregation at Unity of Pensacola love he and Laurie for their ability to touch hearts and awaken a deeper level of Truth. I highly recommend him. I love them both and am always pleased to have them at our church. Do yourself and your congregation a favor - book him!" 

--Rev. Jamie Sanders - Unity of Pensacola, 

"Sean O’Shea shares from a depth of experience and a height of feeling unlike anyone else.  His sincerity is palpable and wisdom is hard-earned – he has so much to offer.

It’s my an honor to work with him and know him.  I love Sean."

--Rev. John McLean - Unity of Nashville