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Sean O'Shea
Inspirational Speaker - Singer - Songwriter

Sean O'Shea began his journey as a performing songwriter.  During a time of serious health challenges and life-changing events, he began to seek Spiritual enlightenment.  He has twice opened for author/speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer and has been interviewed by Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer on ABC's Good Morning America. 


While a music minister, Sean was invited to speak of his experiences and found that he was able to touch people with the spoken word as well as his music.  This led to "Sermon and Song" events; a combination of his speaking and his musical messages, and now to the new Spiritual People Skills BOOK (coming later this year).


Sean is based in Nashville, TN and travels all over the U.S. doing concerts, clinics, workshops and seminars.


Laurie O'Shea
Inspirational Performing Songwriter
Once referred to as "pop meets country with a Spiritual twist", Laurie's songwriting style can't be pinned down.   She has performed at many Nashville songwriting showcases including the famed Bluebird Cafe.
Laurie has been a cast member as Disney World Orlando.  She plays piano, sings, and has been described as "angelic" with her sweet voice and poignant songs.
Laurie and Sean often enjoy the opportunity to travel and perform together.

Promotional photos by Kevin Schlatt.